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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Building Without Foundation

Jesus said the walls will come tumbling down if a building is built without a foundation. When the winds and 
the rains come, the house built upon the sand will come tumbling down.

The foundations are his words, Jesus said, in that famous conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount [Matthew
7], specifically the "doing" of His words.

Great institutions that men had great hope for have come tumbling down, for they ignored the words of

We were smarter than Christ, we though. Marriage didn't have to built upon the principles of Christ, and
children didn't need to be reared according to Scripture. When I was a boy, I only knew a few people who
had been divorced--now it is much the norm.

Evangelism didn't need to based on truth--just a desire for people to "know Jesus." Campaigns were not
designed to convince people of the truth, but designed to produce a powerful emotional experience. There
has been a steady decline of commitment to truth as the years have passed. "Let's all get together  forget our
differences, and evangelize the world." But as time passed and the principle was carried out consistently, our
converts began to look very much like the world from which they were "converted." Word's didn't mean
anything anymore, and we didn't talk about election, justification, sanctification, immutability.

Words declined in value and the highest form of communication with God--the highest form of spiritual
enlightenment--came in the form of incoherent tongues-babbling. Our march away from the creeds and the
sayings of Christ was now complete: Incomprehensible mutterings replaced His meaningful words and were
much sought for. But thousands and thousands flocked to mega-churches and felt good. It was showtime.

We forgot the sayings in Christ about the judgment at the last day, where the sheep would be put on the right
and the goats on the left. Such discrimination must not be named among us--In the drunken dream that
imagines a world where everyone gets along, there is no room for the concept of the kind of wickedness and
evil and wants everyone either in bondage or dead. In our stupor of spiritual vapidness we think that we can
save everyone with enormous exudings of good will and valueless "love" where people will learn to be nice to

But it was our Lord who said, "Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn again and rend you." There
are those who bite and devour, who murder and steal, who destroy and waste. They will not be converted
by valueless Christians.

We are to do good to all men. Sometimes the good that we do to our brother is to deliver him from the bully
and the brute.
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