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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Prayer on Psalm 3 June 30, 2013

Precious Father in Heaven, we confess that salvation belongs to You alone. Only You
can bless Your people and make us prosper in our souls.  

Our souls would feed on Thee, Lord Jesus, for in You dwell all the riches that God has
stored up for His people. He became poor so that we might be made rich. He bore the
anger and wrath of God against us and we will remain among the dead until he pours
out upon us the riches of His grace and mercy.

You are rich in mercy, O Precious Father, and because of Your great love by which
You loved us, You have raised us up together with Christ, for we are saved by Your
grace alone. Throughout eternity we will show forth the riches of Your grace in Your
kindness to us through Christ Jesus. This is our hope and our promise, O precious

But now, O Father, we are troubled with many enemies. They rise against Your word
and Your Spirit. They speak evil of the way of life and deny that there is any hope for
the godly in God.  

There are many who think and say this, and we are bombarded on every hand by the
words of the ungodly, who think to triumph over You and Your Son Jesus of Nazareth,
our Savior, Your only Begotten Son.

But You are our shield and our glory. As You lifted up the Lord Jesus from the grave
and triumphed over death, so You are the lifter up of our heads and we triumph in You,
O Father in Heaven.

How often have we cried unto You, O Father, in the time of affliction! You always
heard us from Your Kingdom in Heaven and not one of Your promises has failed. You
have heard the voice of Your people always, that come to You in faith in Your certain

You give us rest. Our souls enjoy a Sabbath of rest even in the midst of our enemies,
we lie down and sleep. You sustained us and we awakened refreshed.  

We will not be afraid of ten thousands of people who set themselves against You, O
Father, and Your Son, whom You have anointed as the One Savior for the world.

You will triumph over all Your enemies, O Father, in Jesus Christ and Your Holy
Spirit. You will break the teeth of those who bite and devour and blaspheme Your
Holy Name.

We would trust none but You, Dear Lord, for the salvation of our souls and the
protection of our earthly lives, until our work here is done.  

We think much of Your Name, O Lord, for You are our strong tower and our
inheritance forever.
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