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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Jackson is trying to taint the jury pool. Until black people have had their stomachs full of their black "bros" thumbing their noses at law and morality and demand no-color justice, the likes of Kobe, Jackson, OJ, and others will continue to play the race card. Why not? it works.

The black community needs more brave men like Larry Elder. God bless him.

Larry Elder: Michael Jackson & the race card: "Do the police pull him over for Driving While Black? Does a department store detective follow him around, fearing that he may clip some valuable? Does a racist bank refuse to lend him money? Did his adoring fans shun him because he married the daughter of Elvis Presley and fathered two children with a white woman? Yet now his defenders ask us to believe that 'racist' Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon stands willing to risk his reputation to add another notch to his belt by bringing down a black man. Please."
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