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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The President's political enemies, some of whom would defeat him at whatever cost to America, cannot bear to have him look good. If he does his job as President well, then they must pick and peck and find fault. They cannot bear the idea that if he is a good president, he might well profit politically.

They loved it when Bill Clinton scored a politcal success and made his critics look bad, which he was very good at doing. The difference between this presdent and that one is this: Clinton really did everything for politics. It was enough if he appeared presidential; he cannot be presidential. The New York Post has it right: [click on the link below]

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: " For the Iraqis, it was a message of commitment to finishing the job that has been started. True, the president did not walk the streets of Baghdad and glad-hand a lot of regular Iraqis, but his (first) visit will have lifted the spirits of those who are glad that Saddam Hussein, the man who murdered more Muslims than anyone on the face of the planet, is gone from power. "
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