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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My wife and I spent the weekend meandering here and there. On Saturday night we had dinner with Matt in Limon, and had Katie go through all her tricks. She knows the answers to three questions in the children's catechism and sings her happy song. She does many other things.

Sunday morning I taught Sunday School and preached in Swink at the RCUS mission there. After church we drove back to Colorado Springs and I taught Sunday school at Trinity RCUS. After church, Penny and I drove to Estes Park and stayed overnight in the historic Stanley Hotel. It seems there were two Stanley brothers who made a fortune in the 19th century manufacturing dry photographic plates. One of the brothers built the marvellous hotel in Estes Park where, I am told, inspiration came for the movie "The Shining" although the movie was shot elsewhere. The other Stanley brother invented and manufactured the famous Stanley Steamer, the steam driven horseless carriage. One of his creations is on display in the lobby. I had read about the Stanley Steamer all my life, but had never seen one. It was worth the trip.

We had a thoroughly wonderful time.
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