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Saturday, February 21, 2004

President Bush's Judicial Nominees / Democrat Memogate: The Beginning of Political Scandal: "The tiny fraction of memos that have been released reveal a cynical, no-holds-barred manipulation of the process by leftist groups, which have amassed gigantic war chests for their efforts. The most egregious memo exposed thus far, written by a staffer to Senator Ted Kennedy, bluntly discusses an effort to affect the outcome of a then-pending case by delaying confirmation of an appeals court judge. The memo specifically recognizes the impropriety of delay for that purpose. Another memo attacks Miguel Estrada, who subsequently withdrew his nomination. His offenses: his career has left no paper trail to be picked apart; he's Latino, and was thought being groomed for the Supreme Court."
This information must be released to the public immediately. It will out-Watergate Watergate.
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