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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Women flat do not belong in combat. The wisdom of the nations over thousands of years of history should not be set aside for the social views of some ivory tower theorists who know nothing about war, the stress on humans, or the difference between the sexes. Men at war cannot be expected to behave with the suave urbanity and polite decorum of Boston society after seeing their comrades blown to smithereens, living in fear that around the next corner is a bomb hidden in the street that will blow them to smithereens. Civilization is just a veneer very often upon the depravity of man in the best of circumstances, and when that veneer is stripped away in the chaos of warfare, death, and terror little of the feminist logic will remain.

Reuters reports that "There have been 129 cases of sexual assault reported to the independent Miles Foundation in the current theater of operations -- Iraq (news - web sites), Kuwait, Afghanistan (news - web sites) and Bahrain -- but only 27 were reported to military officials, according to foundation chief Christine Hansen."

There have probably been much more than that, and it is a great tribute to the self-discipline and character of the American soldier that there have only been that many. It is unnatural and evil. Real men do not send girls to war. Women belong in the military, for they have a long and honorable history. In combat, no.
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