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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hyping Liberal Radio's Rise, But Not Its Fall -- 05/20/2004 - Media Research Center - Media Reality Check: "Then, on May 14, the Chicago Tribune revealed that one inside source said �Chicago staffers were never enrolled in a health insurance plan, though Air America promised coverage and deducted health insurance premiums from their paychecks.� Would that spur a juicy liberal-hypocrisy story in the middle of what big-government lobbies touted as �Cover The Uninsured Week� (May 10-14)? No. "
You protect your own, and liberals have a cozy relationship with the national media. But there are good places to get the news, and Christians should stop hoping against hope that the national press will get it right. They won't, and we do not need to wait for them to do so. Their monopoly and power is over, thank God, Carl McIntyre, and Ronald Reagan.
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