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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

RealClearPolitics: "'Today, the United States is confronted by another ill-considered war, conceived in ideological zeal and pursued with contempt for truth, disregard of history and an arrogant assertion of American power that has stunned and alienated much of the world, including traditional allies. At a juncture in history when the United States needed a president to intelligently and forcefully lead a real international campaign against terrorism and its causes, Bush decided instead to unilaterally declare war on a totalitarian state that never represented a terrorist threat; to claim exemption from international law regarding the treatment of prisoners; to suspend constitutional guarantees even to non-combatants at home and abroad; and to ignore sound military advice from the only member of his Cabinet � Powell � with the most requisite experience. Instead of using America's moral authority to lead a great global cause, Bush squandered it.'
-Carl Bernstein"
Have you noticed how the willing democratic shills in the press, chortle with glee any time anything happens that they can construe as a disaster for America, in hopes that they can defeat Bush in November. They magnify faults, minimize assets, and hope for American disasters and deaths and disgrace, just so they can gain the power they lust after.

Lesson: our founding fathers were right. The only good government is limited government. People should make most of the decisions themselves that affect their lives, and power and money in the central government should be severely limited to the most basic needs. If the power and money is removed from Washington, then only patriots would want to go there, and scoundrals wouldn't stay.
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