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Sunday, July 11, 2004 - U.S. & World - Catholics Lament Churches Becoming Condos: "Others across the country have been torn down. Nevertheless, sale to a real-estate developer, even one who'll preserve religious relics, is little comfort for many Catholics."
It may be a shame, but only to sentiment. It is an idolatry to believe that God is present in any physical thing except by covenant and the ministry and sacraments. It is no more sacred to pray in a church building than in the field, unless the people of the Lord are gathered in that building according to the commands and ordinances of Christ. In fact, if the church is forced to meet in a field in order to worship God according to the First and Second Commandments, the presence of God will be manifest in the field where the saints are, rather than in ornate, rich, and luxurious churches where people have no more concept of spiritual worship than a pig does.

It is the heresy of objective mysticism, when the presence of God is sought in physical things. I loved the "Lord of the Rings" but it is objective mysticism after all. To take such things seriously is idolatry.

There are priests who care more about the relics, the statues, the carvings, the architecture than they do about the children of the congregation. Far better to raze the buildings and burn the idols than to rape the children. Anyone who has even a glimmer of spiritual light will see that, wouldn't they? It the buildings are sold for something useful [like paying off lawsuits], so much the better.
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