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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The New York Times > Science > Will Compasses Point South?: "No matter what the new findings, the public has no reason to panic, scientists say. Even if a flip is imminent, it might take 2,000 years to mature. The last one took place 780,000 years ago, when Homo erectus was still learning how to make stone tools"
Hmm, let's see now. That means I have a bit of time to plan. My count is, assuming that all things will continue as they have from the foundation of the world [a dubious assumption, taking account of Scripture], I will be 780,070 years old when the next one occurs, again assuming that nothing catastrophic appears. I think I will not worry about it for the next 280,070 years. A cool half million years should give me enough time. [Side note: This Homo erectus fellow must have been something of a dolt. Imagine taking 780,000 years to develp stone tools into atomic bombs. We went from Model T's to Space Shuttles in less than a century.]
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