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Monday, August 02, 2004

CBS News | Kerry, Bush Tangle On Terror | August 2, 2004�19:05:14: "'The policies of this administration, I believe and others believe very deeply, have resulted in an increase of animosity and anger focused on the United States of America,' Kerry told reporters after a campaign meeting with first responders. 'The people who are training terror are using our actions as a means of recruitment.' "
Oh me! Oh me! Oh me! Now they hate us, Whatever shall we do? This is the trite liberal response to evil: What have you done to cause it? If a child is wayward, it's mamma's fault; if kids are on drugs, its the society's fault; if somebody hates you, you should look at yourself because you are probably worthy of being hated. It's always someone else's fault. If there is a riot, it is the police's fault.

This is still the Sixties' mentality. Students threw feces at police, called them pigs, and ran home to their rich mama and daddy to get their high priced lawyers to sue the cities and investigate the police. Now this residue of this generation is in control of the Democratic Party, and are ringing their hands now that Bush has knocked some heads together.

This is the generation that established no-spank Spock in our families, destroyed the backbone of our churches, destroyed discipline and education in our schools. established filth as the standard for magazine and book publishing, gave us abortion and fumigated sodomites, and threatens to surrender to the terrorists, in spite of rhetoric to the contrary. If we just learn to be "nice" to people [Michael Moore is exempt from being nice to Bush, of course], then we can just join hands, sing about peace and love, and tip toe through the tulips. The only evil are those who think there is some. Those evil people who think that there is evil in the world are not worthy of any consideration and deserve whatever they get from the people who do not think there is any evil in the world. The worst of all are preachers who preach about heaven and hell and tell people that they are not good enough to go to heaven, unless they accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith. A hell on earth must be prepared for such people, their mouths shut, and ministers put in their places who will tickle the ears of people, tell them how chic and up to date they are, how scientifically astute, and how clever not to believe what the bible says about women and sodomite false prophets. It is right to do this in order to demonstrate how broad-minded and loving we are to all people. Our toleration cannot tolerate Bible-believers.

Do not be deceived. A man who would blame Bush for irritating the terrorists will blame Bible preachers for causing despondancy and despair among abortionists and sodomites. When they riot and kill in America, it will be the fault of fundamentalists who would not receive them into their churches or sprinkle perfume upon their abominable deeds.

If there are any Bible believers out there who are thinking of voting for Kerry, they better take a look at the whole picture. A man can choose whatever basic ideas that he wants to live by, but he cannot escape the consequences of those ideas. Those who think that goodness if the cause of evil are a couple of brain cells short. Evil can no more spring from goodness than a skunk can have a litter of baby chicks.

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