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Friday, August 06, 2004

Dennis Prager: Why the Democrats use 12-year-olds: "Of course, this girl has accomplished nothing compared to Dick Cheney. She has no wisdom, no humility and no knowledge beyond the leftist platitudes spoon-fed by her parents and schools. She is a mere child, more foolish than most, in that she actually thinks she has earned the right to publicly ridicule the vice president of the United States. The Democratic Party is as shameless as it is immature."
In a childish society, a little child shall lead hell and destruction. It is interesting that God created Adam and Eve in maturity, they were not created children and they didn't evolve from cute little animals. This is a great read by Dennis Prager. Liberals are children who never grew up, and think they are simpler, wiser, and better than adult conservatives, because they went to Sunday School in liberal churches and learned that simple, sweet children are most like Jesus. Boy do they have that wrong. They won't like the angels He sends to call them to account.

See my article in Basket of Figs, July, 2004: It's Ok to Grow Up. See Page Three
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