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Monday, August 16, 2004

Mike S. Adams: UNC administrator implicated in newspaper theft: "UNC administrators had better stock up on Maalox because it's going to be a long week in Chapel Hill. Just last week the university was exposed for de-recognizing a Christian group without due process for an unthinkable transgression; they wanted to limit membership in the Christian group to people who are actually Christians.
Now, information has surfaced, which implicates the administrator who de-recognized the Christian group in the theft of a student newspaper in 1996. And wouldn't you know it; the stolen newspaper was the Carolina Review, the only conservative newspaper on campus."
Isn't this something? Figure the logic in this. We put people in positions of trust over our tax money and the educational policies that form the world view of our children. We pay them good salaries. The people we choose are vocal in their belief that there is no religious truth and no moral truth. They are up front about it. Then we place our children and our money in their trust. That really makes sense. The fox says to the goose, "I really like to eat a goose for dinner. I enjoy it a great deal, and I will eat you if you come with me. Why don't you go down this path with me. I am trustworthy."

We can excuse the goose for going down the path because, after all, he is a goose. Why do people do it?

Liberals make no bones about their world view. Why do sane people elect them to office anyway, unless they are as silly as geese? Do we really hate God that much?
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