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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

NYC to GOP: A Drop Dead: "Tourists are pleasantly surprised when New Yorkers act as friendly and polite as the people back home in Maybury. However, delegates to this month's Republican National Convention shouldn't expect to be treated to our standard out-of-towner treatment. The Republican delegates here to coronate George W. Bush are unwelcome members of a hostile invading army. Like the hapless saps whose blood they sent to be spilled into Middle Eastern sands, they will be given intentionally incorrect directions to nonexistent places. Objects will be thrown in their direction. Children will call them obscene names. They will not be greeted as liberators. "
I have a wonderful idea. New York and New Yorkers should give back to the American People all the money that was poured out to their greed after 9/11, and the money diverted to the families of the soldiers who fight in Iraq.
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