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Monday, September 13, 2004

lgf: CBS News Goes to the Mattresses: "The seriousness of what happened here cannot be overstressed. Someone deliberately forged documents, in an attempt to interfere with a presidential election in a time of war, and CBS News rushed these forged documents into release--apparently with almost no serious attempt to verify their provenance. Compare this with the way the entire mainstream media utterly ignored the Swift Boat Veterans stories, for almost a month. The only conclusion one can reach is that CBS rushed the Killian documents out because they saw a chance to hurt George W. Bush, and this blinded them to the possible consequences of tying their reputation to such obvious forgeries."
What we have is treason, and CBS should be made to pay for it by an outraged public opinion. The question that is operative: After Bill Clinton, is if possible for America to be outraged?
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