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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My Way - News: "A heavily armed gang seized at least 120 hostages at a Russian school near Chechnya on Wednesday and threatened to kill 50 children for every one of their group who was killed, a senior local official said."
I suppose this is Bush's fault, too. Is there anyone, other than Michael Moore, who does not understand what we are up against. Could it happen in America? But it wouldn't be worse than the tyranny of John Ashcroft, could it? What will it take for liberals to see the light?

Maybe we should send a delegation of public school children to Russia to give the terrorists hugs and kisses. That ought to do it.

I think the Russians will send in the Special Services. They seem to think more clearly about things at home than they do about Iraq. But their minds were tainted by huge amounts of money from the Oil for Food program, hyjacked by the United Nations.
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