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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Anti-Kerry smear campaign serves its devious purpose: "Democrats were virtually forced to nominate a war hero to counter the strutting self-assurance of the commander in chief. The war hero was then virtually forced to pledge more soldiers, more weapons, more security. "
Devious purpose? Strutting self-assurance? The Democratic Party a victim? This guy is good. Manages to get the all the liberal whines into one paragraph. Conspiracy, Arrogance, and Victimization. McCay is great!

Floyd McCay makes a great case for Bush. I guess if leadership is getting your opponents to march to your tune when they hate the march, then Bush wins in spades. Poor Kerry. He is stumbling along behind the pack, hoping someone will notice him, feel sorry, and make him the leader of the game. He is like the little boy who holds up his scratched finger, hoping the big boys will notice, while the game goes on all around him.

McCay denigrates those true war heroes who question Kerry's scratches and purple hearts. I think it is more honorable to join the National Guard than to fake injuries to get three purple hearts so as to get out of the service. But that is tolerable. What is not tolerable are the Kerry and Fonda lies that fueled the hate that some Americans had for Viet Nam veterans. I have a neighbor who remembers as a little girl walking down the street with her uniformed daddy, newly home from Viet Nam after 13 months of service, and having people yell "baby killer," "m***** f*****" and other delicacies. Yea, they really loved the children, and Kerry really loved America, and possums are good food. That war was lost on the streets of America, not in the jungles of Viet Nam. Kerry and Fonda were propagandists responsible for raising the spirits of communist gangsters to keep fighting for a cause that was already being lost on the world stage, but would survive for a time as a worm eating through the carcasses of the people of Vietnam. A great deal of blood is on the hands of John Kerry, and trotting out a few questionable medals will not wash it away. Because of the treason of Kerry and Fonda, we lost the war in Viet Nam, but we won the Cold War because of "devious purposes," "strutting self-assurance," and by making Gorby a victim. Not bad.

But guys like McCay have not repented and cleansed their souls, so they try to prop up a hollow man like Kerry to try to find some cover for their own empty souls. They were bums in the sixties and seventies, and they are still bums now, flaying away at their old ghosts: EVIL corporations, EVIL rich people, EVIL republicans, EVIL America, EVIL white people, EVIL males. They have no joy, no zest for life, wrapped in their own bitterness and contempt. How they must have cringed when they heard Arnold credit his conversion to Americanism to Richard Nixon. Can you hear the wail of Cain, "My punishment is more than I can bear."

It is a shame when the price for telling the truth and acting on principle is labeled "devious purpose," "strutting self-assurance," and victimization. On the other hand, that has always been the price for telling the truth, hasn't it? Maybe that is why you hear so little of it. Reporters and Editors are not paid for telling the truth; they are paid for false witness and lying spin. Journalism is a fancy word for breaking the 9th Commandment. That's why so many journalists are liberals. They have a natural affinity for lying and deceit. Some are paid to lie and others are paid to teach others to lie.

But what can you expect from the Seattle Media? Seattle gave us girly men coffee, if I remember. Going further back, Seattle was built and gained riches through the raping of Alaska. Hmmmm. Should they give it back? the money, I mean. There's a topic for some journalist who wants to tell the truth. But then, there are more rewards, positions, honors, and advancement for lying for the right people. If you are really good at it, you will get a Pulitzer.
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