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Thursday, September 30, 2004 John Leo: Making CBS pay (10/4/04): "But the goal should be to make CBS more honest, not to delegitimize it or drive it out of business. Already there are calls for congressional hearings--a bad idea. Do we want an all-out vengeful assault on CBS, or do we simply want the network to come to its senses and play stories straight?"
Yes, yes, yes. No vengeful response. Certainly not the vengeful and malevolent spirit that has been repeatedly manifested by Rather and his crowd. Let's be sweet and kind and trust that CBS will repent and change its ways, because we are loving to them. It worked for years against Communism didn't it, before Reagan messed it all up; and France and Germany are showing us the way against Osama, aren't they. Don't liberals ever learn?
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