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Friday, October 01, 2004

National Review Online ( "If ever there was a military action that passed the 'global test'-- which Kerry argued for in the debate -- the Persian Gulf War was it. It overwhelmingly met Kerry's dubious standard -- and still he opposed it. This reveals a credibility problem of the first order. Almost defining credulity, Kerry said in a brief statement on the Senate floor, in an accompaniment to his vote against the Persian Gulf War, that 'The president made a mistake to unilaterally increase troops, set a date, and make war so probable.'

"Clearly, Kerry has a very strong aversion to the use of military power under virtually any circumstance. Of course, this raises serious questions about Kerry's ability to conduct any military operations against our fundamentalist radical-Islamist enemies. Can we really believe that the man who has called the war in Iraq a 'grand diversion,' a 'colossal error,' an 'incredible mess,' and the 'wrong war' in the 'wrong place' at the 'wrong time' -- pessimistic and defeatist statements all -- is capable of waging a strong foreign policy and prosecuting a military action of any sort? What's really left here is the portrait of a politician steeped in ambiguity and equivocation who at bottom has a strong aversion to war of any kind, for any reason. "
Right on!!!
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