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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Principle as Narcissism - How President Bush gets to believe what he does about Social Security. By Timothy Noah: "Until now, Bush has seemed either too dumb or too stubborn to recognize that Social Security privatization will necessitate either hitting up taxpayers or reducing Social Security benefits. "
Amazing! These guys think that George Bush invented Social Security and what's wrong with it is his fault. Actually, wise men said when I was a boy that Social Security was not viable and that computing the numbers shows its won't work. But Roosevelt and Democrats bought votes with it for years, and those brave enough to touch the "third rail" lost elections and disappeared from the public screen. Until now.

President Bush is a man of principle--which is "narcissism" to those who have no principles and feel good about not having any. He is also cynical about the press, perhaps, and is not going to throw any blood in the water for the sharks to feed on. Drives them crazy you know.

I suspect that private accounts for Social Security and a booming econmy will take care of the so-called cost of the small percent that will be "diverted." I dunno. I am not an ecnomist, but those guys don't have a great track record on such things. Choose your own witch doctor.
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