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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yes, yes, I know, and I apologize to you faithful you have been returning here day after day for the past three weeks or so. The truth is, it has been a hectic time.

The wife and I travelled to Iowa to be with son Jim for Thanksgiving. It was a great time, but on the return we had to spend an extra day at North Platte [what's that?] Nebraska because of the snow. Got home Monday night and spent the week in bed with a bad case of a cold or flu or some idiot thing. Then back to Wichita, KS, to conduct the funeral of a dear friend, then back home to attend to duties at New Geneva Seminary and Trinity Covenant Church. Very busy, very hectic, no time to blog. No real end in sight until the end of January, when regular classes begin at New Geneva again.

I have taken time to read Wheat and Chaff and Dead Men's Voices. Excellent stuff. You should go to these sites every day, for intellectual and spiritual stimulation.

My good friend Reverend Gene Sawtelle from Greeley is suffering from acute back pain and Andy McIntyre has been travelling up there to fill the pulpit. Leaves us a little short here at Trinity because he teaches the adult Sunday School here. Richard Stetler has been gracious to fill in for him and has done a fine job.

Tomorrow is Christmas Sunday. I love every bit of Christmas. The Bible doesn't tell us how we are to celebrate Christmas, or even if we are to celebrate it. The New Testament warns us about holy days and such things, for they can become a snare. But it does leave us free to enjoy and have fun remembering the birth of our Savior. Christmas it not a day enjoined for worship, but it is a great family day and a great season of good cheer and happy memories. People who cannot enjoy Christmas have a great empty place in their hearts, perhaps. If you have no good memories of Christmas, where are your good memories? I have a bundle of them.

I don't worship Santa Claus, and don't know anyone who does. But, he is a jolly old elf that provides enjoyment right up there with Winnie the Pooh and Aragorn. I believe there is a real devil, and he is not much into good cheer and happiness. You are more apt to find him in a jihad than a Christmas celebration.

God bless you all. I expect to be posting to all my sites on a more regular basis over the next few days.
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