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Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Genetic Study Undermines Gay Gene Theory: "A study to be published in the March 2005 issue of the journal Human Genetics, and available online now, actually undermines the commonly held view that homosexual orientation is determined by genetic factors."
Don't believe the Bible, believe science. This is what we are told. Really? The scandal of the scientific community is the falsifying of research, sloppy research, and biased reporting. Freud falsified his data of female hysteria to protect a child-molesting colleague; Margaret Mead was the laughing stock of Samoa for her phony book on life in Samoa, science has laughed at "flat earth" Christians every since Washington Irving invented the idea. And so it goes.

Homosexuality is not a genetic issue; it is a moral one. It involves choices, not chemistry.

Galileo was not persecuted by Bible believers; he was persecuted by an antichristian church spouting the phony scientific theories of the day, which they had baptized into the Christian faith, just as many churchmen are doing today.

Check it out. Just remember that somebody told you.
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