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Friday, February 11, 2005

News: "``This is the Abu Ghraib defense, that a few renegade soldiers are responsible for their own behavior and the commanders are not accountable,'' said Durbin. His remarks referred to claims by military officials that a few low-ranking enlisted personnel were responsible for the shocking abuses at a U.S.-run prison in Iraq. "

Ain't it just wunnerful? We Democrats are nice guys who don't say anything bad about you nasty Republicans. You are the ones who tortured the prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and are really terrible people and you gotta just stop saying bad things about us nice Democrats. How can you expect to get a long with nice people like us when you are liars and thieves and namecallers and nassty, nassty. You gotta quit callin' us names and things.

Does anybody see anything wrong with this? Read the article. The Democrats are in such disarray that now they insist that Republicans lay off attacking them. Reminds me of the little boy who ran to mother, "But it all started when Jimmy hit me back."
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