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Monday, March 14, 2005

People's Daily Online -- "I don't think US should be the leader of the world": "Another source of the resentment is the perception that Bush administration wants to act unilaterally in the world, outside of alliance that traditionally governed the ways Bush made foreign policy decisions. In some ways the core of perception problems is centered on 911 terrorist attacks in 2001 in which the US government and Bush administration reacted by deciding that the country would make decisions in foreign affairs that respond only to US interests. They were not going to consult very widely, and not to compromise in making those decisions. That caused rift even among the US allies. So it is natural to see that the image of America is the lowest in public opinion. "
So who do you want, Mr. Phillip Bennett? The Chinese? The French? the Russians? Oh, I get it. You think American newspapermen should be the real leaders. When are you libs going to realize that you and your philosophical ancestors going to realize that you have been wrong on every major issue in the Bolsheveks rose to power by murder, rapine, and terror during WW I? You have been wrong about Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Bosnia, Africa, Vietnam, and Central America. Seems there is a pattern here. Every time a communist arises, you begin to salivate, and hope for the salvation of the world.

But you are clever. You form the perception and then you say it is too bad that people think like this. It isn't that Bush didn't consult; you know that, of course. He just refused to submit American interests to the French and the Germans and the Russians. The world doesn't regret it, Mr. Bennett. It is you and your liberal friends who have found your dream lying in the ashes of the Twin Towers. You and your liberal friends lie and lie and lie, and deplore the fact that people have a "perception." But we get it. That's why thinking Americans don't believe the newspapers anymore.

But the jig is up. The American people understand it now, and they understand you. You cannot buy them any more with bread and circuses. 9/11 changed all that, even if it did not change you. Those bombers might be gallant warriors to you and your kind, but they were murdering representatives of a murdering sect. Americans are slow sometimes, but beware when they finally get it. Americans aren't perfect, but they didn't stand for Hitler killing Jews or the Taliban shooting women on the soccer field, or Saddam enjoying his rape houses. You may have a stomach for it. It was your hero Joseph Stalin who said that you have to break eggs to make an omelet.

No thanks. We don't like the omelet, and we don't like people who would rather get good press in China than in Colorado Springs.
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