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Friday, March 18, 2005

Yahoo! News - Professor Charged With Faking Grant Info: " A former medical school professor was accused Thursday of fabricating research data on closely watched topics such as menopause, aging and hormone supplements to win millions of dollars in grant money from the federal government. "

Now let's see. Following the logic of the liberal media, our conclusion should be something like this. Just as crooked tele-evangelists like Jimmy Bakker indicate that all preachers are religious quacks who are out to get the money of widows and orphans, it is evident that Dr. Eric T. Poehlman is evidence that all who labor in modern science are fakes and are out to get the government's money.

But why should Poehlman be different from so many other illustrious scientists who faked their results, like Margaret Mead, Sigmund Freud, Masters and Johnson, Darwin and so many others who built the modern house of cards that evolution and moral corruption rests upon.
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