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Friday, March 04, 2005

Police Arrest 8-Year-Old After Alleged Outburst in Williamsburg Elementary School: "James City County Police arrested an eight-year-old boy who allegedly had a violent outburst in school."

What does this story have to do with Bush's judicial nominations? Everything.

No one would have called the police when I was a kid. I remember the afternoon our school bus driver put an unruly kid off the bus on a country road about three miles from his home. [I think the kid was named Powell, but was no relation to me]. The kid was about 10 years old and he did get off the bus and then suddenly burst back in through the open door, crying, and began to throw fists at the driver. Guess he didn't want to walk home. The driver said he could sit down--he did, and was taken home, very quiet and subdued.

The point? No one even thought of calling the police. The school handled it. I don't know what they did, but the kid was ok after that, although still a pain in the neck sometimes to me.

It's a civil rights thing nowadays. Schools cannot discipline kids; kids know they can't be struck. We know we could be "licked," if we were naughty and it acted as a restraint on me and others. But judges have eroded discipline in all areas of society in the name of "civil rights." The erosion was not done by the legislatures or the executive branches of the government--but by anarchic judges who impose their private opinions and feelings on a "living constitution," finding rights where none exist, and finding "halos" and "Penumbras" and, if necessary, appealing to "world opinion" [meaning elitist overseas opinions] to impose their tyranny upon us all. It is time they went away.

Side note: [My parents would have been embarrassed and chagrined if I had ever been whipped at school, and I would probably have gotten another whipping when I got home. But that was another day. Teachers were respectible, didn't use drugs or have sex with kids. They knew their A,B.C.'s and loved their country. At least where I went to school. Most of them went to church and had respect for church. They thought their job was to teach readin', 'riting, and 'rithmetic. They thought that was enough to change the world. The next generations of teachers had a different agenda. What good is reading if you can't save the whales? The courts protected these idiots and now families are enslaved by them.

But mostly the schools are more and more enslaved by the kids. Who needs a lawsuit? Call the cops and let them handle it.
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