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Friday, March 04, 2005

There isn't any question about it. We were all born naked into the world, but we were not born into a naked world. A lot of stuff was going on before we ever saw the light of day.

Most of us don't realize this right away. We think the world began with us. But it didn't, you know.

There were people who lived long ago who were doing some important things. People like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And Moses, of course, and the Apostles, Matthew, John, Peter, and Paul.

What are you going to do with these people? There are millions of people who firmly believe that these people spoke the word of God, and try to live by their words. What you do with their ideas is important.

Most important of all is Jesus Christ. What do you do with Him? You have to do something, because the world of today is very much shaped by His teachings and His life. Who was He, anyway.

You can say that He was a poor, misguided person, who was probably mad and said some good things. Of course, you have to say that a bunch of people are idiots for following such a person. But if you say that, then you have to say that human nature has something wrong with it, the fundamental premise of the teaching and the work of Christ. If He was right about that, then maybe you ought to consider some other things He said.

You can say that He never lived, that some people made Him up. Then you are still stuck with the human nature question. But what about the genius of the people who made Him up? To be able to generate and perpetuate such a fraud is incredible. Anyone who thinks that a conspiracy of that magnitude could be imposed upon the people of the world is bound to have a most gloomy view of the world and history. Is is egotism or naivte that would believe that everyone is subject to the mother of all conspiracies except you. Would that then influence everything you think about the world and history? Something to think about.

You can say that He is the Son of God, as He said He was. But then you still have a great problem: if He is the Son of God, His teachings require you to make some major moral and spiritual changes, both inwardly and outwardly. It could be revolutionary.

But not as revolutionary as to think you can ignore Him. Everyone must make a decision about Christ. Not making one is a decision.
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