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Monday, April 04, 2005

Centrist Democrats warn liberals - The Washington ...

Democrats Want to Find Out Who They Are!
Centrist Democrats warn liberals - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - April 04, 2005: "But party liberals last week dismissed the DLC's advice as warmed-over Republicanism.
"'I can't tell the difference between the positions the DLC puts forward and Republican policy,' said Jack Blum, counsel for the liberal Americans for Democratic Action.
'I've read this before and I am not carried away by it. Nobody in the Democratic Party, and that most especially includes the liberals in the Americans for Democratic Action, opposes fighting the terrorists.' "
Hoo, boy.  Go for it.  Let's have the ruckus.  Blum and his crowd have a very strange way of fighting terrorism:  "It's all America's fault.  We need to have the French and Germans teach us how to be more 'sensitive' to their needs and our incipient nazism.  If we can just get the world to love us, they won't hate us so much.  We need to learn how to bite our lower lip, not keep a stiff upper one."
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