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Monday, April 11, 2005

It Would Have Been SOOO Neat!

It's too bad.  SaveToby is a hoax, say the Urban Legands people.  But it would have been so neat.  I am always willing for a good gimmick to stick to the tree-hugging people.
You may have seen it on the news tonight--that Toby, a cute rabbit whose picture appears on the web site, will be slain and eaten if a bunch of money is not paid into the Save Toby fund.
It seems that Animal Rights people are all up in the air.  It doesn't matter that thousands of rabbits are eaten or destroyed every year by people and many millions more provide necessary sustenence to wolves, coyotes, weasels, foxes, and vairous other noble creatures created by God with a hunger for rabbits.
But I am for anything that will separate these people from their money--the Animal Rights people, that is.  Animal rights is an oxymoron anyway.  Animals are property and have no rights, unlike Terri Schaivo who was recently judicially murdered, without any outcry from the Peta people.
It is so sad.  About Toby, I mean.  What a wonderful moral dilemma it would have been for the tofu crowd.
Bytheway, it is ok to eat meat.  See my article at BasketofFigs.
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