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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

You Won't Get Clean Water in this Hole.

The U.N., Preying on the Weak ( "In fact, abuse at these camps went beyond sexual violations: Injustices of one sort or another were perpetrated by U.N. missions or their affiliated nongovernmental organizations every day in the camps I visited. Corruption was the norm, in particular the embezzlement of food and funds by NGO officials, which often left camp resources dangerously inadequate. Utterly arbitrary judicial systems in the camps subjected refugees to violent physical punishment or months in prison for trivial offenses -- all at the whim of officials and in the absence of any sort of hearing. "
What do you really expect? The United Nations is a confederation of gangster nations, most of which are two-bit dictators who have no regard for what Americans consider human rights. Why should they act any differently when they are wearing a UN ensignia?

The United States Constitution requires the national government to secure a democratic government in each state. This ensures that across the United States there will be some uniformity on what justice and truth are. Why do we belong to an organization that tramples upon what we call our ideals daily? An organization that cries foul if the United States thinks that a dictator like Saddam must go?

Thank God for George Bush. With all the flaws that some of us see in his administration, there is one star that shines so bright that it blots out the other: He would not subject the national security of the United States to the gangsters of the U.N. This is the first duty of the national government: to secure the liberties of the American People.

We just hope and pray that George the Great will do the next essential thing--clean up the judiary, so that the constitution is again the law of the land, not some "international consensus" or the emotional fuzzy-logic opinions of those who would be God.
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