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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sunset in America Posted by Hello

My Way News:

"More recently the city has suffered the kind of economic woes afflicting urban areas across the country, with losses of residents and jobs. Last month, the Pentagon also announced plans to close the U.S. Naval Submarine Base, one of the city's largest employers, which would eliminate thousands of jobs.

The New London neighborhood that will be swept away includes Victorian-era houses and small businesses that in some instances have been owned by several generations of families. Among the New London residents in the case is a couple in their 80s who have lived in the same home for more than 50 years."


This is liberalism in its most naked form. Take the property for the rich and powerful and may the poor go hang. Read the article and see how the justices lined up. Then remember why democrats want to remain in control of the courts. Frist and Bush must change the rules of the Senate in order to get Bush's nominees for the courts. The courts are the great instrument of tyranny in America today.
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