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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hurricane DVD Meant For New Orleans Sat On Shelf: "As far back as September 2002, FEMA had met with city and church leaders to discuss the problem of evacuating people who lacked transportation.
But problems arose. Among them was a concern that residents who gave their neighbors a lift out of the city could face legal liability if something went wrong, according to the Times.
Legislation was introduced last year to release drivers from liability in the event of a hurricane. But it was opposed in the Louisiana House by members who were concerned that drunken drivers could escape responsibility for an accident if they were transporting evacuees."

Does this article raise the odor of trial lawyers? Will we have an investigation to see what role the litigation disease, fueled by trial lawyers, had in the deaths of the poor in New Orleans? Hmmmmm? Probably not. Any more than we will have a report on the role that environmentalism had in limiting repair to the levees, for fear of harming a snail or crawdad.

Do ideas have consequences? Does the Nanny State really take care of us. See my article at the Basket of Figs website: The Nanny Church in the Nanny State.
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