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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A bouquet for a nice lady.

Some of my fall, 2003, flowers in my front yard. Posted by Picasa

Harriet Miers seems to be a nice lady, and I wish her well, but Robert Bork convinced me [see article below].

We do not need a kinder, gentler America. We need one that has the intestinal fortitude to enforce our own laws and our own constitution, not the decadent philosophies of the French and German or the emotional paroxisms of the morally challenged.

The laws are not the enemy of our liberty but the safeguard of them. I pray now that President Bush bring someone like Janice Rogers Brown or Priscilla Owens or any of a dozen others who have a clearly defined and well articulated respect and loyalty to the words of our Constitution. Let's have the war. Let's bring one after another to the Senate until they must approve them.

The liberals have no intelligent basis for their "ideas," and conservatives can win in the arena of ideas. We always do.

Pray for the president.
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