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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yes, There Is a Difference

Yes, Hillary said she couldn't remember over and over and over. Yes, she hid the billing records for her law firm. Yes, Bill lied again and again and again, and even his friends admit that he was a very good liar. Yes, his friends attacked Ken Starr shamefully and without let up.

So what?

We know what we are dealing with when we are dealing with these people and their supporters. They admit no standard of morality. Consistent humanism will not admit the immorality of idolatry, or abortion, of fornication, of sodomy, of lying, of false witness and abrogation of vows. They said that character doesn't matter. They do not want any system of morality "imposed" upon them. They are certain of the morality of their own desires and ambitions and nothing else matters. Opposition must be squashed like bugs.

So why should we be surprized if they lie, cheat, corrupt justice, and sell their country to China and North Korea? They are not being hypocrites, because they do not believe in the Ten Commandments or the God who gave them. Civil agosticism and amorality is what they believe in.

But Christians confess that there is morality and that an oath is sacred. It is wrong to commit fornication and adultery. Sodomy is wicked. Idolatry brings the wrath of God.

Therefore, if Scooter Libby committed perjury, he should go to jail. Nixon had a great disadvange when it came to his enemies, because Nixon's supporters believed that it was wrong to spy on your political enemies and lie under oath. Liberals had been doing ti for years. But we hold our people to a higher standard.

Scooter Libby should get a fair trial and if he has been falsely accused, then those who lied about him should pay the penalty. But it is not unreasonable for American citizens to insist on morality from their leaders. But it is also not unreasonable to refuse to vote for those who do not believe in morality and make fun of those who do.

Dennis Prager has an article on the difficulty of engaging in sensible dialog with these people. Click on this link.
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