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Friday, October 14, 2005

Democrats See Dream of '06 Victory Taking Form - New York Times: "Suddenly, Democrats see a possibility in 2006 they have long dreamed of: a sweeping midterm election framed around what they describe as the simple choice of change with the Democrats or more of an unpopular status quo with the Republican majority.


Poor New York Times. They and their shills just can't get it. Just because conservatives are squabbling over the Miers nomination doesn't mean they will vote for Howard Dean's buddies.

Liberals cannot get it because they think with their feelings. Hence, someone makes you mad and you get revenge. You have a "hissy fit." They still think that is what happened in 1994, conveniently forgetting that the Contract with America was about principles that the people of this country still hold--it wasn't about having a anti-incumbant fit. Until liberals can come up with some values [impossible, giving the definition of liberal--one who is "free," ,meaning from any principle], then they will continue to misread one election after another.

I do not believe that Americans simply vote against--they vote their values.

The flap over Harriet Miers is about values, specifically about abortion. The conservatives who doubt her are troubled that they cannot be sure that she will vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Liberals who voted against Roberts were troubled that he might vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Underneath the argument over Roe vs. Wade is an even deeper conflict over values. Liberals value no restrictions on any kind of sex and want to get rid of any inconvenience that might come from sleeping around, any disease, any reproach, any little brat that comes along because of it. Abortion is not murder; it is just like cleaning the wax out of your ears. Evangelicals value morals that they derive somehow from an higher order--though they could have a good debate on this, whether this order is revealed by nature or by revelation. But they would generally agree that morals are not up for individual choice. When Liberals speak of choice, they are only speaking in a sidelong fashion about abortion: the choice they are really speaking of is the choice to do sex anywhere, anytime to anybody or thing.

That real debate will return. It only went underground in the Sixties under a flood of pornographic musc, publications, entertainment, and birthcontol pills. But it hasn't gone away. Even more basic is this debate: "Does God care about what we do in our bodies?" People better find out for sure.

But one thing is sure. Conservatives may feel confident enought to have spats with each other, but that sure doesn't mean we will vote for the likes of Ted Kennedy or Howard Dean. But let them think so. That way they will keep losing elections.
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