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Monday, October 10, 2005 :: Columns :: President Bush must veer right, embrace conflict by David Limbaugh: "Conversely, the surest way he can end his presidency with a whimper is to abandon conservative principles and veer to the mushy, lukewarm middle -- the perennial prescription of so-called centrists and 'well-meaning' liberals. To the extent he's suffered in the polls lately, it's largely because he has veered left in certain areas, especially domestic spending."
One of the secret fears that I have had over the entire GWB presidency is that ultimately he would cave on the conservative domestic agenda. I still believe that the most deadly mistake that Reagan made was the choosing of GHB as vice president, and propelled him into the presidency with disastrous results for conservatism, giving us eight years of Bill Clinton.

The Bushes are elite New Englanders even if they live in Texas. The senior Bush infuriated Reaganites by simpering over a "kinder, gentler" America. I had hoped that Dubya would be tougher, and he is on the Iragi War. But if we surrender on abortion, gay marriage, and budget-busting deficits and the welfare state. If Bush stabs his base in the back as his father did, there will be no conservative agenda for another 100 years, if America lasts that long.

Yes, I am gloomy today, and the David Limbaugh letter is a warning to Bush and to his base. I have tried to be a good sport about this Miers nomination. The most damning thing about it is the message that is sent to some very qualified, honest, and original intent judges who have paid the price for their convictions that the President of the United States does not care to fight for them.

The message to federal judges is this: You have a better chance of getting to the Supreme Court if you are a wuss than if you stand for what you believe, no matter how brilliant you are.

Is this another betrayal by the New England elite, who take care of each other first, no matter what the cost to the country, that party names just mean the same as choosing up sides for the next polo match.

I hope that Dubya is not really one of them in spirit, but we will see.
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