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Monday, January 30, 2006

Former Democratic Chief Counsel: Ted Kennedy Disgraced Himself: "In my view (as a Democrat and former chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee), Senator Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., has disgraced himself and our party by misusing his position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to achieve self-serving partisan ends"
With all due respect to the former chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, how could Senator Kennedy possibly disgrace himself. Senator Kennedy has a dog named "Splash." I suppose that is to remind him of Mary Jo Kopechne who took her last gasping breath submerged in Kennedy's car which had run off a bridge in Chappaquiddick. Where was Kennedy? He had swum to safety and was with counsellors trying to think up a story that would get him off the hook. Mary Jo's family was bought off by Kennedy money, the justice system corrupted by Kennedy family and money, but Ted Kennedy was finished as a possible presidential candidate. This is only one of the sordid incidents involving drunkenness, adultery and fornication, corruption and extreme liberal politices, generated no doubt from the guilt the whole family feels from receiving the inheritance of Hitler-loving Joseph Kennedy, who made his money in bootleg liquor during prohibition. Joseph was too much even for Franklyn Roosevelt, who dismissed Joseph from his post as ambassador to England because of his [Joseph's] pro-Nazi sympathies.

Do you doubt these things? Look them up. This man is the conscience of the Democratic party?
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