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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Compare and Consider

A few days ago, Pat Robertson made some stupid remarks about the Prime Minister of Israel--something about him being punished for giving away the land. He later, under protest from CHRISTIANS, apologized for his remarks.

Where is the self-discipline among the clerics of Islam in the flap over cartoons in Denmark papers? Are they telling their firebrands to shut up and go home and stop being idiots in trying to suppress free speech? No, because Islam does not believe in free speech except in countries that do they not control. Free speech in Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Saddam's Iraq? You have to be kidding.

There is not even any protest from the so-called American moderate Islamists about the idiocy of the protests around the world.

It is time for Europe and America to realize the nature of the enemy--yes, enemy--that we face. The religion of the Prophet dsires nothing but the political and religious oppression and suppression of Christianity. If not, then let them say so with the same vigor and energy that they use against Danish cartoons and Salmon Rushdie. If they hold Western values, then let them stand for them. Thin skins belong to Nazis and other philosophies and theologies that cannot stand the sunlight.
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