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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Excite News: "Civilians have taken the brunt of the war that has cost 369 lives in Lebanon and killed 37 Israelis."
How can this be? Civilians dying in war? Civilians are innocent in war. They do not give aid and help to the soldiers, do they? Do they elect the officials and pay the taxes that support the war machines? Certainly the civilians of Lebanon have nothing to do with the Hezbollah, do they? Are there rockets hidden in their homes? Surely it would not be expected that if weapons are hidden in homes and mosques they are off limits to attack, would it?

Of course, the death of civilians makes good propaganda. What is evil, though, is the American and world press serving as propaganda agents.

In World War I, military supplies were loaded into the lower decks of the Lusitania for use of the Allies against Germany. German intelligence discovered the cargo of the passenger ship, and sent uboats to sink it. Of course, it was wonderful propaganda against Germany, and America came into the war because of it. It took many years before the cargo of the ship became public. Some things never change, but war is war, and it is waged on many levels. Those who publish the propaganda of the enemy are as much traitors as any citizen who would take up arms against their own nation, and they should be punished under the Constitution of the United States which defines treason as "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."
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