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Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Excite News: "France said on Thursday it was ready to send an extra 1,600 troops to bolster a revamped U.N. force for Lebanon, bringing the total French contingent to 2,000 and making it easier to recruit other nations."

This is rich, isn't it? A nation that could not defend itself successfully in any major war of the 20th century, who could not defend its possessions in South East Asia, is now going to be the protector of Israel--or are they really there to protect the terrorists. Virulent anti-semitism exits widespread in France, so I suspect that Israel will not disarm.

But it is good that the UN is impotent. Who needs world government, anyway? But what will the fundamentalist do if world government is impotent? What kind of anti-Christ is that?
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