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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Excite News - Syria Warns Against Deployment of Troops: "Israel's foreign minister said Wednesday the situation in Lebanon was 'explosive' while Syria's president says the deployment of international troops along the Syria-Lebanon border would be a 'hostile' act."
Isn't the United Nations wonderful. We all know, of course, that talking is so much better than warfare. David was so benighted and he thought that it was a godly thing to do, to kill Goliath. We are so much more enlightened nowadays. Modern Davids sit down and drink latte and "negotiate" with Goliath. "Suppose we give some of us to you for slaves? would that be satisfactory? You want all of us? Well, I don't think Saul will go for that. What about 1 in 10. God says that we will someday be as the sand of the sea in number, so even 1/10 of that would be quite a bunch. No? Well, what do you want then? All of us? I am afraid that this will go nowhere if we don't see some movement on your part. You want to do what to my flesh? What kind of diplomacy is THAT?"
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