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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It might very well be ungovernable. Last year there were 190, 178 crimes of violence causing 2503 deaths, or about 8 per day. There were almost 10,000 forced rapes, about one per hour, and over 114, 161 violent assaults, or one every 12 minutes. The borders are porous and police are not able to seal them off to keep foreign criminals out.

Though rich in natural resources, it is so badly governed that there is no assurance that there will be electricity or sufficient water during certain parts of the year. The inner cities are rocked with violence and the schools are in disarray. Many have given up and are trying to flee the state. There is ethnic and religious discord.

No, we are not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan. The state is California, which has only a few more millions of people than does Iraq.

Why do you suppose that we do not get a daily body count from California from the media? Surely there is some newsworthy reporting and possible a Pulitzer Prize for somebody motivated enough to report on the break down of civilization in California.

But I am sure that it is the Republican’s fault for the disarray in California. They do have a sorta-Republican governor.

They probably were better off when they had Spanish dictators. We should set a time-table for getting out of California
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