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Friday, November 03, 2006

A Soul Before God

I do not know whether or not Ted Haggard is guilty of the charges against him. I am no great admirer of human nature, and think that most people are capable of terrible things if not sustained by the grace of God.

But the spiritual wars being fought in America are bloody and vicious wars. The left does not care about Christians or their families. My wife had taught the Haggard children in school and they are are wonderful family.

But Haggard is no more important to the whole scheme of things than the individual GI who landed on Normandy and was a casulty in the war. If he is guilty, Ted Haggard will find solace in Christ and learn a depth of the meaning of Christ's death that he never dreamed existed before, and will be a better man than before, although without his ministry and world-wide influence. God cares nothing about that either, for He will sacrifice the whole world for the salvation of His elect.

Christians and non-Christians need to realize that all men are flawed. The fundamental difference between the saved and the lost is the election of God to faith and adoption. God has pledged Himself in Jesus Christ to save His people from their sins by faith in the blood of Christ. They will be justified, sanctified and glorified. If Haggard is one of these, he will be finally saved, though he walks through the depth of discouragement and abasement. The non-elect have no such hope.

The man who accused Haggard did it from malice and hatred of religion, by his own admission. Haggard is nothing, but the anger of God will be more than this poor sodomite will be able to withstand. Christians are not to seek revenge, and no true Christian will do so, but they trust in the word of God, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay."

For Ted Haggard, the only thing that matters if he is guilty, is not his ministry, his political agenda, or his church. It is now a matter of his soul before God. He must come clean, repent, and cast himself upon the Christ whose love he professes. Christ only receives sinners, not the righteous.

A word to the Sodomite lobby: "And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?" --1Peter 4:18
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