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Thursday, November 09, 2006

RealClearPolitics - Articles - Only a Minor Earthquake: "The result is that both parties have moved to the right. The Republicans have shed the last vestiges of their centrist past, the Rockefeller Republican. And the Democrats have widened their tent to bring in a new crop of blue-dog conservatives.

Moreover, ballot initiatives make the claim of a major anti-conservative swing quite problematic. In Michigan, liberal Democrats swept the gubernatorial and senatorial races, yet a ballot initiative to abolish affirmative action passed 58-42. Seven out of eight anti-gay marriage amendments to state constitutions passed. And nine states passed referendums asserting individual property rights against the government's power of eminent domain."

Yes indeed. Read the whole article. There is no need for conservatives to be downhearted. We are still winning.

The Republicans deserved what they got. They refused to be humble, refused to court their constituencies, abandoned moral values. The liberals will gloat for a while, but what are their ideas?

The Democrats that want to be president will try to court the radical left in order to get money and the nomination. This means they will alienate the middle. If the republicans return to their base, abandon drunken spending, truly affirm values and moral discipline, 2008 might look very good indeed.

In reality, the Republican party is a better party now. There are fewer liberals in the party. They are humbled perhaps.

Maybe next time, if there is one, they will do what they promised their voters they would do.

But the world is a very dangerous place right now. Islamo-fascists do not love us more, but think us weak.
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