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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sober Reflections

Someone has written [I don't remember who] that hyporcisy is the complement that evil pays to virtue.

Interesting thought, and it seems to enforce the idea that even the hypocrite wants to appear better than it is.

So, thinking about yesterday's election, it would appear that liberalism could not run under its own right, but had to run as conservatives, in order to anoint a liberal leadership. It was successful, but there are some other considerations.

The Democrats have to govern now. I think that President ought to sit down with the Democratic leadership of the two houses of Congress, and say something like this: "The American people have spoken. They seem to agree that the war in Iraq has not been going very well. I have fired Rumsfeld, and I am willing to listen to what you think we ought to do about Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. I am open. What is your plan?"

Then the Republicans can gather a list of failures to use in 2008.

Here's another good idea, if anyone is listening. Tell Joe Lieberman that he can whatever post he wants if he will vote with the Republicans to organize the Senate. If he does, then Cheney can break the tie and the Republicans can keep control of the Senate. He could vote on anything else anyway he wants, but the Republicans can still keep control of the rules and the procedures and the committee chairmen. It would be worth it, and Lieberman doesn't owe the Democrats anything. He could be for sale, for he sold out to Algore. What does he have to lose? The deal could be sweetened with pork barrel projects is Connecticut; that would keep voters back home happy. Why not? He's a liberal, but Bush could boast of bipartisanship and the feel-good politics of "compassionate conservatism," or the tone of his father, "a kinder, gentler, America." His ratings would go up to 80% or so, and he could build his library in Crawford, and he could put the end to his "conservative" movement that way his dad buried Reaganism.

Isn't politcs a nasty business?

Here's something a lot better: “O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!" (Ps 8:1 av)

You won't see His glory in all the earth unless you look for it through the eyes of faith in Christ.

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