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Friday, November 23, 2012

Higgs Boson?

Cute, isn't it? Smart men decided they would get rid of sin and evil.
The old story about Adam and sin and the curse just didn't make sense
for the smart new world and man's evolving brain.

So man made up his own story to fit the brave new world. With a few
borrowings from ancient myths of Greeks and Romans and other smart
people who didn't know about sin, the story added some things about
lizards, finches, monkeys and bones. As man got smarter he talked
learnedly about genes and machines that smashed bits of stuff into
smaller bits of stuff, neither of which could be seen. You just had to
take other people's word for it.

After many brain seizures and learned stroking of beards, someone found
one of these bits named a Higgs Boson. They had been looking for it,
spent millions and millions of dollars for it was more important than health
insurance for the poor or tax relief for people who worked at real jobs,
had named it already, and gave it more respect in its micro-nanosecond
of life than an unwanted baby.

They fell down and worshiped, for now they knew that Adam hadn't existed
and therefore sin didn't exist, there was no real Bible, and people could
now safely ignore the Ten Commandments. So all the people working in
laboratory A continued to sleep with all the people working in laboratory
B, bouncing from partner to partner like molecules in solution, and rejoiced
that sin was no more. Higgs Boson had decided it.

But some of us infidels wondered: if Higgs Boson is the god particle, then
why hasn't it done something in the last trillion or so years about all the evil
in the world?

And why did Jack curse his wife this morning and smack his kid across
the room? And why did Bozo rape Jojo and dismember her body? Or is
there anything wrong with that?
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