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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Add Virtue to Faith

Give all diligence to add virtue to knowledge 
[2 Peter 1:5]. This is not "adding" in an 
arithmetic sense, but in an organic sense.  
Virtue means "moral excellence" and is 
already present in faith, for it is through faith 
that all things are given to us in Christ. The 
tree is already in the acorn, but is "added" 

But morality is a demonstration of faith and 
authenticates it before the world. There can 
be no real moral excellence without faith, for 
whatsoever is not of faith is sin, but neither can 
faith exist alone as if life had no evidence. Virtue 
rests upon faith and authenticates it.

"Virtue" has the idea of being authentic, or genuine in a moral sense. 
 It means to be human in the sense of purpose. What were you and 
I created for? to wallow in uncleanness and filthiness? No, we were 
created as image bearers, male and female to bear the moral 
excellence [as creatures] of their Creator. 

The virtuous man is manly, for he was created to be strong as a 
prophet, priest and king under God.  The virtuous woman is womanly, 
feminine, for virtue is to be what you are created for.  It takes divine 
strength and faith to fulfill the purpose that God has for us, and it will 
not be achieved by diffident actions or lives lived in luxury and ease, 
indulging the appetites and lusts.

This moral excellence is expressed negatively in the "Thou shalt nots" 
of the Ten Commandments, so idolatry, blasphemy, desecration, 
rebellion, theft, murder, adultery, false witness must put away from the 
children of God. Expressed positively is means that we are to love 
the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbor 
as ourselves.

Because faith is from God and unto God, faith will always direct the 
soul unto virtue and a restoration of the image of God in man, putting 
off the old and putting on the new. Without virtue faith is dead, not real, 
not from God, for God is the true and Living God and does not make 

1Co 16:13 "Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, be manly, be strong."
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