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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lament for Liberty and Jobs

Here is a piece written by an ex student of mine from years ago, a successful small business
owner. Read it and weep. It is long, but worth the read:  It was written a few days before
the last election.  Our struggle is not over, but we must keep on, for it will be a long one

As a business owner for over 19 years, I find myself in a disappointing position. Running
a company that manufactures products in America I have found it a challenge to find those
willing to do the work for a reasonable price. I have been advised by others to use cheaper
China labor more times than I can remember. I have kept my manufacturing in America
with the one hope that Americans will wake up one day and see that small companies are
the backbone of this country. We employ, we spend, we invest and we add momentum
and strength to our country. More than any other sector small business builds and innovates
adding to our national strength.

I have paid Americans hundreds of thousands of dollars more to do the same job I can
have done in China for a fraction of the cost. Why? Because I love our country and want
to invest in it.

I fall asleep each night grateful for those I value, respect and love and my employees are
very much considered a part of that group. I am confident most business owners would
understand and agree with this sentiment.

In our American capitalistic system schools are important...but without business we have
no schools. Fire protection is important but without business, we have no fire protection,
law enforcement, regulatory agencies, public sector jobs, all part of a system built by
capitalism and our freedoms and rights to conduct free trade.

The first time Americans voted in Obama could be described as an understandable
mistake. His speeches were very seductive to those that didn’t understand or those
that have been removed from what drives our country forward and what our country
was truly built upon.

But twice?

I see this election to show our country has turned its back against business, against
freedom and yes, even against the extreme efforts I have made, as well as many others
like me to keep our country first in our business decision making process.

While the jobs lost to overseas by a company my size may be just a few, the countless
other companies that may be forced to make the same decision now, is without doubt a
major impact to our nation.

I fear that both the left and rights individual retirements, based upon our stock market,
will soon show the loss of faith in our govt. A fiscally irresponsible leader does not and
cannot foster an environment of investment security.

I, for one, was striving to see something in Obama’s first four years to get behind…
something that could help me to hold my head up high when the eyes of the world look
our direction. I have failed to find anything note worthy.

He is an excellent speaker, a well groomed man who is well poised and spoken. A man
with a beautiful family with shining faces and smiles. However, his actions speak of a
man that is either ignorant to the workings and needs of this country or worse yet,
indifferent to them.

How can so many intelligent, good hearted people see him in a light so different than
I do? How can those I know so well, who have similar upbringings and education see
in him a man worthy of giving their valued vote and trust.

I have always stood behind our elected President and will continue to do so with the
belief that there is more in God’s plan than I am able to see. I am still proud to have
friends on either side of the political chasm.

My words here are truly meant to express a quick release of confusion over how so
many can be so far apart ideologically. I am left with prayer and a concern for the
future of my wife and two children in a country where it truly appears freedom and
opportunity is being eroded.

Hope for our countries future is never lost. We are an incredibly resilient people,
however, I find it increasingly more difficult to bring hope for our country into focus
after such an election.

If the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child” has any truth to it, then quite possibly,
it may take a country to raise a good president. Lend your voices to causes you see
that need a voice. Let those in govt. know your concerns. This can be done all the
way down to your local representatives. You might keep in mind to do so in a way
that shows respect, even if you feel you have been shown little respect yourself. Problem
solving seldom comes through bickering. I would hope that you stay true to your beliefs
but do not stagnate due to a closed mind.

It’s been said that there is always opportunity for growth in times of conflict. My desire
is to see growth in all sides, as after this election, it appears we could all use some.

May God guide and protect those that govern this great country, as well as the governed.

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