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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prayer and Meditation on Psalm 86:1-8

Our Heavenly Father, we confess that we are content 
to rest in Your heavenly kingdom and our Lord Jesus 
Christ forever and ever.

You have heard the prayers of your saints in all the 
ages of the world, when they called upon You. You 
heard the blood of Abel, Your first martyr, cry to You 
from the ground, slain by Cain who was of his father 
the devil.

You heard Enoch and Noah and Abraham, Isaac and 
Jacob. The prayers of David when he fled from Saul, 
the cries of Elijah and Elisha; the prayers of Your 
apostles and Stephen the martyr, and the thousands 
and thousands of the saints that called upon You in 
all the history of the church.

We think of the great reformers, Wycliffe, and Thy 
martyred servant John Huss; Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, 
Bucer, Ursinus, Cranmer, and our Fathers of the faith 
in the United States. We praise and thank You for 
hearing and showing Yourself strong to preserve and 
keep Your servants in life and in death.

We pray that You would incline Your ear down to us, 
O Lord, for we are poor and needy. We have no 
strength of our own, and our voice is small in the 
world. How helpless we feel when we behold arrogance 
and pride and wickedness strong, entering even into 
Thy House the church and defiling the holy things. 
Stretch out Yourself to us down here in the world, 
O God, for we cannot do Your work without you 
and your Spirit.

You have set us apart for Yourself, O Lord, and 
You must preserve our souls, for we cannot stand 
against the assaults of the devil unless You save us. 
We trust in You and Your salvation, for our souls 
are needy and cry to You. We ask and plead for 
Your mercy—O God our Father, do not deal with 
us after our sins, but according to Your mercy and 

Your Son, our Lord Jesus, said that You are a 
gracious Father, who will give the Holy Spirit to 
those who ask, and we ask, O Lord, because our 
souls can only be renewed to bring forth the fruit 
of Your kingdom when Thy Spirit moves our hearts 
and minds.

Thy joy is our strength, O Lord, and trials and 
tribulations will weigh us down and destroy us if 
You do not lift us up. We lift our souls to You, O 
Father, for You are our life and our joy.

You are good and merciful, O Father, and You 
delight in mercy and are ready to forgive to those 
who call upon You. You are great in kindness. 
Hear our prayers and the loud supplications of 
our hearts, for we cry to You in the Name of 
Your dear Son.

You have said to call upon You in the days of 
trouble, and we so call, O Lord. You have 
appointed days of trial and tribulation for Your 
people, and we do not know what the future holds 
for us, but we cling to You, Or Lord.

There is no one like You, who will hear prayers or 
can do the works that You do, for all the gods of 
the wicked and dead and deceitful liars, and cannot 
do either good or evil, for they are filled with vanity.

We bring our prayers to before Your throne. We 
pray for those being persecuted in lands of darkness 
and wickedness. We pray for the healing of the 
nations, as You have promised.

Surround Your people with your holy angels and 
preserve them in their lives, their goods, their 
families, their reputations, and their righteousness, 
which is of You, O Lord. Bring confusion and rebuke 
upon the godless; puts hooks in their jaws and confuse 
them with great confusion.

Send Your holy Gospel to all people in all lands. Search 
out Thine own and add them to the church that You 
purchased with Your own blood, the blood of Jesus 
our Lord. Grant us Your mercy and grace, Precious 
Father. We ask in the Name of Christ our Lord.
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